113.4 m2
New Construction
Green Corner
Welcome to Paradise!
An idyllic residential community directly on Lake Lugano in Ticino, renowned for its picturesque landscape and Mediterranean climate.
Here, we are creating a modern residential building that combines the best of urban and city living.
The property offers 37 modern condominium residential units spread across nine above-ground floors.
Penthouse Living Room Visualization
Limited Availability
Access to the building is from Via San Salvatore on the east side. In the basement levels, there are a total of 39 parking spaces, 37 storage rooms, 7 storage units, various storage rooms, as well as a technical room for the electrical and heating systems.
On the ground floor, there is a large commercial space that can be divided into two, with pedestrian access from Via Geretta (south side) and Via San Salvatore (east side).
The entrance to the residential complex is also on Via San Salvatore. The roof of the building is divided into two parts, each of which is used as a terrace for the exclusive use of the respective penthouse. Two elevators connect all the floors.
The apartments are meticulously designed with attention to detail to ensure excellent living comfort.

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Each apartment is furnished with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with a cozy and prestigious living space. Here, you can leave behind the stress of everyday life and enjoy a harmonious atmosphere.
The location of our new construction project, GREEN CORNER, is truly unique. It is situated in the financially advantageous Municipality of Paradiso, surrounded by the enchanting nature of Ticino, a picturesque panoramic view, and Lake Lugano.
COMMERCIAL SPACES: 2 commercial spaces on the ground floor
Here, you can take relaxing walks along the lakeside, where the clear waters of the lake invite you for a refreshing swim, or simply immerse yourself in the charming surroundings.
The move-in date in the summer of 2025 offers the perfect opportunity to carefully plan your new home and make preparations for an exciting future in one of the most beautiful areas by the lake.
Secure your apartment now and create your own oasis of well-being.
For more information about the project, floor plans, building specifications, and budget, you can visit the project's website at

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Yesterday and Today
Paradiso is a municipality in Switzerland with just under 5,000 residents in the Canton of Ticino, in the Lugano district, located at the foot of Mount San Salvatore and overlooking the idyllic Lake Lugano.
Until the 1960s, the population mainly relied on agriculture and fishing, and silk farming was also prevalent. With the opening of the Gotthard Railway in 1882, new opportunities arose, especially for tourism.
It was in this context that the funicular to Mount San Salvatore was inaugurated in 1890. The classic funicular that ascends San Salvatore is still one of the main tourist attractions in the region.
The municipality offers numerous and diverse activities. Good public infrastructure makes Paradiso a privileged place in terms of quality of life. Additionally, its proximity to the lake provides significant landscape value to the area.

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The Surroundings
Paradiso is a charming municipality in Italian-speaking Switzerland, located in the Lugano district. It sits in the southern part of the region along the beautiful Lake Lugano. The picturesque backdrop of the mountains and the lake, in which the municipality is nestled, gives the place a harmonious blend of Mediterranean atmosphere and Swiss elegance.
Zurich – Paradiso 210 km 3 hours
Milan – Paradiso 77 km 1 hour and 15 minutes
Munich – Paradiso 420 km 5 hours
Lugano/Paradiso has an extensive bus network.
You can reach Lugano by train from various destinations in absolute relaxation and without stress. In Lugano, take the train to Paradiso; it's only a 6-minute walk to your home at Green Corner.
Lugano-Agno Airport is one of the six airports dedicated to commercial aviation in Switzerland. It is located a 15-minute drive from Paradiso.

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Location Information
The location of the residential complex will allow you to fully enjoy the bustling heart of Paradiso.
Discover its charming cafes, excellent restaurants, exclusive boutiques, and a vibrant culture that can enrich your lifestyle.
Nearby urban center offers a wide range of leisure activities, art galleries, and museums that are sure to excite you.
1 Green Corner Your home
2 Bus Stop 1 minute
3 Migros Supermarket 2 minutes
4 Lakeside 4 minutes
5 Train Station 6 minutes
6 Highway Junction 1.5 km
7 Primary School 5 minutes

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Location Information

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Sports and Leisure
Welcome to Paradiso, the city that offers you countless opportunities to plan and spend your leisure time actively and diversely!
Whether you love sports or simply want to enjoy nature, here you will find everything you desire. Our fitness gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses provide the perfect opportunity for sports, workouts, and staying fit.
If you prefer outdoor activities, you can go hiking or cycling in the nearby mountains and enjoy breathtaking scenery from there.

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For Today and Tomorrow
The efficient heat production at Green Corner in Paradiso is provided by a heat pump with geothermal probes capable of covering the building's annual energy needs.
Green Corner integrates a ventilated facade made of travertine slabs alternating with photovoltaic panels. For a sustainable future, photovoltaic panels are also installed on the flat roof of the building.

Selling price of the apartment: CHF 1.361.000,00
"1 parking space: CHF 75,000"

Expected delivery in June 2025.

Primal Features

1,361,000 CHF
Energetic Class

Other features and accessories

Property Conditions
Under Construction
Open View
Free Sides
Heating Type
Heat Pump
Type of heating system
Floor heating
Energy source
Hot Water
Fan Coil
Metal triple glazed
Number of windows
Five or More
Air Conditioning, Double Glazing, Optical Fiber, Geotermy, Home Automation System, Photovoltaic, Armored door
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