Buying a real estate is an important goal in the life of each of us. This is why we want to support those who are thinking of making this important investment.

ARTPROJEKT not only offers you a selected range of real estates but also offers constant and continuous technical, legal and fiscal support - thanks to a close collaboration established over the years with the best Notary, Technical and Fiscal Firms.

Our main services for the purchase of a real estate include, the control of the current property, the mortgage and cadastral controls, the control of the regulations of condominium, servitude and building permits, the compliance of town planning and cadastral, insolvency and anything else that may be useful for a fair and transparent sale.

Our goal in the sale of a real estate is to assist and guide up to the notarial deed - even beyond if necessary - the Client concluding a negotiation.

The purchase of an investment real estate is one of the trends of the last decade. Culture and attention to detail have become more refined, potential buyers have become more attentive and demanding, they are no longer satisfied with just any "home".

Today in demanding or requesting to buy a real estate there is also the need to experience a better quality of life and feeling of well-being, which can be conveyed by many factors such as nature, population, cultural life, environment and beauty of the territory.

We take special care to select real estates with interesting features and that are designed to meet the needs of potential buyers.

We carefully select what we acquire and take into account multiple characteristics, perfectly assessing each aspect.


The selling of a real estate has become increasingly complex; it requires time, knowledge and expertise.

The sale of real estate requires technical, legal and fiscal expertise on everything related to the real estate universe in order to be able to conduct transparent negotiations and instill confidence in the potential buyer. In addition, it is essential to know how to negotiate, using empathy and patience.

The figure of the real estate agent can also be identified in other sectors: the broker, the negotiator, and it has been present at least since the trade exists, therefore there's surely a reason!

Most of the time, it happens that you decide to consider the idea of selling your real estate "privately". This does not lead to any problems, but you must be aware that time, skills and attitudes are qualities that you possess and that you can use them. Otherwise, there is a risk of disappointment, wasting time and economic opportunities.

The promotion of your real estate is another key aspect in the sale and we can evaluate and implement the best advertising strategy, using avenues often only available to operators in the sector.

In case you decide to further analyze these services in detail, do not forget that we will be happy to arrange an appointment with you for the evaluation and saleability of your real estate, as our goal is only to find the right buyer in the shortest possible time and with the best possible return.


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